Looking to enter the Artificial Intelligence (AI) profession? Or advance in the field? Join the Artificial Intelligence Academy.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Academy at NC State University offers industry credentials to individuals interested in entering or advancing in the emerging field of AI. While completing online coursework for one of two certificate options, participants engage in at least 1 hour per week of on-the-job training. The AI Academy is a workforce development program delivered in partnership with employer partners. To be eligible for participation in the program your current employer will need to agree to allow you to participate, and will need to support your participation by providing you with a mentor and on-the-job training time during the paid work week. The cost of the program is $1,750 per course and this can be paid either by your employer or by you using the self-pay option.

Why AI Academy?

  • Earn AI credentials in just under one year.
  • Live and online course delivery - you can participate from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Gain current knowledge and important skills to assume leadership roles within your organization in AI.

Qualified Applicants

  • Professionals currently working in computer science (CS) or information technology (IT) fields
  • Individuals from underrepresented groups, veterans and other transitioning military populations
  • People with interest in AI with mathematics aptitude and desire to learn without CS background

Two levels of training and certifications:

Data Scientist

  • Two online courses: Computer Programming with Python and Data Mining

Artificial Intelligence Associate

  • Pre-requisite Data Scientist completion
  • Two online courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Start dates for Future Cohorts:

Cohort 8

Cohort 9 begins

Note – AI Academy coursework includes four 10-week long courses. There is a 2-week break in between the coursework, as well as some breaks for holidays.